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In location with a beautiful view, on a steep slope on Gerania Mountains, on top of the Loutraki and near Corinth (Korinthos), there is the holy monastery of the Blessed (Osios) Patapios.

The monastery is located in a group of buildings, which constitutes an extension of the ancient hermitage of the 12th century. The monastery was founded and extended around the hermitage, with labors and sacrifices in 1952, with the inspirer p. Nektario Marmarino, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Corinth. The view and its physical and religious beauty rewards the pilgrim-visitor. Today it functions as a female monastery with significant charitable and social work, like the function of women Nursing Home.

The most important reward of the pilgrim is the holy Relic of the blessed and miraculous Patapio (celebration 8th of December). Filled with fragrance and miraculous grace, he adorns and protects the holy monastery. Crowds of reverential pilgrims from Greece come to the monastery to worship the Saint. Exposed reverently his Relic inside a wooden urn, in the depth of a plain cave, it shows to the pilgrim the true destination of his existence. The cave of Saint Patapio is near the church of the Assumption of Theotokos, where the icon of Panagia Eleousa is found.

The holy Relic was found in a wonderful way by the priest Konstantino Sousanis. At 1904 a group of Loutrakiotes, with chief the priest, excavates the cave in order to broaden the space. As they throw a built mantel at the west of the cave, they discover the holy Relic imperishable and fragrant, while on top of it they found a wooden cross and byzantine coins.

Also, at the monastery the Holy Head of Saint Ypomoni is found. Saint Ypomoni before she became a nun she was Empress Helen, the mother of the last emperor of Byzantium, Konstantino Palaiologou. She became an empress as the wife of Emmanuel the second the Palaiologou and had put under her protection the Relic of Saint Patapio.

After the fall of Istanbul in 1453 from the Turks, the relative of the emperor of Palaiologon and nephew of Saint Ypomoni, Aggelos Notaras, in order to protect the imperishable lodge of Saint Patapio, he transported it to the Loytraki of Peloponnesus in a cave-hermitage, which later on desolated and in this way for centuries the holy Relic of Saint Patapio remained in obscurity, until the providence of God led it to its discovery before 100 years.

He was named this way because he lived isolated in the desert, leaving back the noise of the cosmopolitan life. He was born the 4th century at Thiva of Egypt from pious Christian parents, next to which with care and diligence was raised and learned the holy lettering.

When he came to an age, Saint Patapio went to the desert. It was the time then that the departure and ascetic life at the area of Egypt was at great prosperity. Very quickly Saint Patapio was distinguished and became popular for his great ascetic practice and virtuousness, so much, that many people came close to him to benefit spiritually from the acquaintance and inversion with him.

Saint Patapio loved so much the peace of the desert that he began to feel unhappy, when he saw all these people coming to him to praise and admire him for his ascetic life and his holiness. Saints never leave themselves to believe what other people believe about them because if this happens they will loose everything. That is why Saint Patapio, after having lived years in the desert of Thivaidas, in order for his traces to disappear, he left and went to Istanbul.

At Istanbul Saint Patapios lived in the pilgrimage of Panagia Vlahernon. There he lived unknown and poor, with hardship and spiritual perisyllogi, like in the desert, reaching the point where he did miracles. After he founded in Istanbul the monastery of Egypt, where he passed away.

The remembrance of Saint Patapio is celebrated on 8th of October and also on Tuesday of Easter as the memory of the day they found his relic.

The area

The monastery of Saint Patapio is located at an altitude of 650-700 meters, it is female and it hosts 40 nuns. It abstains 14 kilometers from the popular city of the spa town of Loytraki and about 85 kilometers from Athens.

Τel: 27440 22496 και 22493 Τ.Κ. 20300 Loutraki of Corinth



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