Dormition of the Theotokos (Damandrion) monastery, Lesvos

Damandrion was a village near Polichnitos, Lesvos, during the 16th century. Then it was mentioned in the metropolitan code of the Holy Metropolis of Mytilene. In the following century, many small villages of the region were destroyed by pirates or for other reasons abandoned by their residents, who then gathered to the four biggest villages in the region (Polichnitos, Vasilika, … Read More

A soul in Hell

A soul in Hell The Elder related: ”I knew an old woman who was very stingy. Her daughter was very good, and whatever she wanted to give as alms she would throw out the window so she could leave the house with empty hands, because her mother would always check to see if she was taking anything. But if she … Read More

Greatmartyr Euphemia the All-praised

Greatmartyr Euphemia the All-praised The Miracle of Saint Euphemia the All-Praised: The holy Great Martyr Euphemia (September 16) suffered martyrdom in the city of Chalcedon in the year 304, during the time of the persecution against Christians by the emperor Diocletian (284-305). One and a half centuries later, at a time when the Christian Church had become victorious within the … Read More

Why are you afraid of admitting that you’re a sinner

Why are you afraid of admitting that you’re a sinner The problem isn’t simply that we are sinners, or that sin exists inside us. The problem is we do not deal with the whole matter as we should. Why are you afraid of admitting that you’re a sinner, that you have sin inside? Why are you afraid of it? That’s … Read More

Let the prophet Elijah be an example for us

Let the prophet Elijah be an example for us The case of prophet Elijah is pretty impressive. At some moment, it seemed as if the prophet had lost heart, as if he had run out of courage, as his work appeared to have failed. God allowed for things to happen in such a way that the prophet’s whole weakness showed. … Read More

The Grace of God Excludes No One

(An excerpt from Elder Ephraim of Arizona’s homily The Struggle of Great Lent) We have instances from Church history of many people “in the world” (not monastics, that is), who pleased God and became great. Abba Paphnuti [from Ancient Egyptian = “man of God”], an ascetic of great gifts, once prayed to God and said: “God, who have You placed me … Read More

Mary’s departure from earth

According to the tradition of the Greek Orthodox church, the Dormition celebration is preceded by a two-week fast, referred to as the Dormition Fast, which was established in the 7th century AD. In the 10th century it was decided that the fast would take place from August 1 to August 14 and it would include fasting and abstinence from red … Read More


Archangel Michael’s monastery in Mantamados, Lesbos Near Mantamados village, in the northeastern part of Lesbos, lies one of the most popular and wondrous pilgrimage sites: the old monastery of the island’s patron, Holy Archangel Michael, with the legendary embossed icon.


The church of St. Demetrios, patron saint of Thessaloniki The church of Saint Great-martyr Demetrios the Myrrh-gusher, patron of Thessaloniki, was built in the early 5th century AD by Leontius, the prefect of Illyricum, over the Saint’s tomb. Saint Demetrios held the military office of proconsul during the reign of emperor Diocletian in the early 4th century; he was martyred … Read More


Saint Gregory the Theologian church is a pilgrimage site well-renowned around Greece.   Nea Karvali, a small town near Kavala, got its name from the Cappadocian village Karvali, where the prominent Father of the Church and Theologian Saint Gregory of Nazianzos, Archbishop of Constantinople, was always greatly revered.