Art and antiquities conservation is devoted to the preservation of tangible remains of cultural and natural heritage. Therefore, any movable or immovable object can be subject of conservation, provided that an organized society considers that it must be preserved as a cultural asset of historical, artistic, aesthetic or religious value.

The Charter of Venice indicatively states in Article 9 that: “The process of restoration is a highly specialized function . Its goal is to preserve and reveal the aesthetic and historic value of the monument. It is based on the respect for the original material. The process of restoration should stop at the point where conjecture begins. In any case, the historical study of the work must precede the restoration.”

The maintenance of art-works requires deep knowledge, responsibility and respect during interference. Our long experience in the field of art conservation with longtime employment by the Greek Ministry of Culture guarantees that the appropriate quality of care will be provided to each of your art-work individually. We undertake the conservation of murals, icons, ceiling paintings, ceramics, glassworks and leatherworks, as well as the conservation of paper, oil paintings, wood carvings and a multitude of other items.

We are ready and looking forward to meeting you, in order to see up close any problems your art-works are facing, work on halting the damages and conserve your valuables over the passage of time.

Yours truly,

Dimitrios Alexiou

Conservator of Antiquities and Art-works