Travel Schedule for Lesbos & Ayvalik

1 st day:

7.30 Departure from Thessaloniki (short break in Kavala)
11.30-13.00 Break and free time in Alexandroupolis
13.45 Kipi border crossing
16.00 Taking the ferryboat to traverse the Dardanelles. Short break.
20.00 After passing by the ancient Greek cities Lampsacus, Madytos and Troy, arrival at Ayvalik – Check in and dinner at the hotel.

2 nd day:

7.30-8.00 Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Pergamon.
9.20-12.00 Tour in Pegamon Museum – Free time.
13.20-17.20 Touring Ayvalik and cruising the islands around.
18.00-19.15 Travel to Mytilene by boat.
19.30 Check in at the hotel. Dinner – free time.

3 rd day:

11.00-12.30 Touring the island capital.
13.30-14.30 Visit the Barbayannis distilleries.
14.45-16.30 Afternoon break at Plomari.
17.30-19.30 Visit the Theotokos of Agiasos church.
20.00 Return to Mytilene – At the hotel.

4 th day

8.30-9.00 Breakfast.
9.30-10.45 Visit Saint Ignatios monastery (aka the Limonas monastery).
11.15-12.00 Visit the Theotokos of Petra chapel on top of a giant monolith over the village.
13.00-16.00 Afternoon in the stunning town of Mithymna.
16.15 Visit Panagia Gorgona chapel at Skala Sykaminias.
16.50-18.00 Visit Archangel Michael monastery at Mantamados.
18.30-20.00 Visit Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene monastery at Thermi.
20.30 Return to the hotel – Dinner.

5 th day:

Attending the Divine Liturgy at a church/monastery of our choice.
11.30-12.45 Travel by boat from Mytilene to Ayvalik.
15.30-16.30 Taking the ferry across the Dardanelles – Lunch break at Gelibolu.
18.30 Break for duty free shopping at İpsala border crossing – Departure for Thessaloniki.


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