Travel Schedule to the Peloponnese

1 st day
07.45 Departure from Athens to Diakofto.
11.15-12.00 Enjoying the stunning route by rack railway up from Diakofto to Kalavryta.
12.15-13.45 Visit the historic Hagia Lavra monastery.
14.00-15.15 Visit the monastery of the Great Cave.
15.30-17.00 Visit the “Sacred Place of the Sacrifice”. Free time in Kalavryta.
19.00 Arrival and evening walk in Tripolis. Visit the church of Saint Dimitrios the new martyr of Tripolis.
21.30 Dinner at the hotel.

2 nd day
7.30 Breakfast and departure for Sparta – Prayer at the Saint Nikon the “Metanoeite” Metropolitan church.
10.30-12.15 Touring the historic Castletown of Mystras.
13.15-15.00 Visit Diros Cave.
15.15-17.00 Afternoon at seaside Areopolis.
19.00 Arrival and evening tour in Kalamata.
20.30 Dinner at the hotel.

3 rd day
8.30 Breakfast – Visit the Presentation of our Lord church.
9.30-12.30 Visit Pylos, the famous Navarino bay and ancient Methoni.
12.30-14.30 Boating to Proti – Visit the monastery on the islet.
15.00-16.30 Afternoon in Kyparissia.
18.30-19.30 Visit Saint Theodora chapel at Vastas, where seventeen large trees lie on the roof and a river passes directly under the church.
20.30 Arrival at Megalopolis, check in and dinner at the hotel.

4 th day
8.30 Breakfast at the hotel.
9.00-12.00 Visit the spectacular monasteries of Theotokos “Bura” and “Ampelaki” with striking views.
13.00-15.30 Afternoon by the springs of Eurotas river.
17.00-18.30 Visit Panagia Malevi.
22.00 Arrival to Athens.


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