MOUNT ATHOS GREAT LAVRA   Great Lavra, hierarchically the first among the twenty monasteries on Mount Athos, lies on the SE end of Athos peninsula. Its establisher was saint Athanasios the Athonite from Trebizond, who was also the founder of the coenobitic monasticism on the holy mountain; as a result, Great Lavra is considered to be the monastic beginning … Read More

Travel Schedule for Santorini & Paros

1 st day: 19.00 Departure by ship from Piraeus to Santorini. 00.00 Arrival in Santorini & checking in at the hotel in Thira capital. 2 nd day Breakfast at the hotel. 11.00 Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera – Strolling the city center. 12.40 Taking the cable car to the small harbor, 250 stairs away from Thira. 13.10-14.30 Excursion with … Read More

Travel Schedule to Corfu and Paxi

1 st day 8.00 Departure from Thessaloniki. 12.30-16.00 Arrival to Ioannina. Boating to the islet of Pamvotis lake – Free time to Ioannina. Departure for Igoumenitsa. 18.00 On the ship to Corfu. 20.00 A first view of Corfu. Check in and inner at the hotel. 2 nd day 8.00 Breakfast 9.00-13.00 Touring the center: Capodistria Museum, Panagia Antivouniotissa church, Palace … Read More

Travel Schedule to the Peloponnese

1 st day 07.45 Departure from Athens to Diakofto. 11.15-12.00 Enjoying the stunning route by rack railway up from Diakofto to Kalavryta. 12.15-13.45 Visit the historic Hagia Lavra monastery. 14.00-15.15 Visit the monastery of the Great Cave. 15.30-17.00 Visit the “Sacred Place of the Sacrifice”. Free time in Kalavryta. 19.00 Arrival and evening walk in Tripolis. Visit the church of … Read More

Travel Schedule for Lesbos & Ayvalik

1 st day: 7.30 Departure from Thessaloniki (short break in Kavala) 11.30-13.00 Break and free time in Alexandroupolis 13.45 Kipi border crossing 16.00 Taking the ferryboat to traverse the Dardanelles. Short break. 20.00 After passing by the ancient Greek cities Lampsacus, Madytos and Troy, arrival at Ayvalik – Check in and dinner at the hotel. 2 nd day: 7.30-8.00 Breakfast … Read More

Five-day Travel to Samos, Patmos & Kalymnos

1 st day 10.00-11.20 Flight from Thessaloniki to Samos. 11.30-13.30 Visit the hospitable monastery of Megali Panagia. 14.00-17.00 Check in at the hotel – Free time for lunch in Vathy, the island capital. 18.00 Visit the Metropolitan bishop of Samos and the adjacent Ecclesiastical Museum. 2 nd day 9.00 Breakfast and departure. 9.30-13.30 Hiking the breathtaking waterfalls near Potami beach. … Read More

Elder Paisios the Athonite : “Better Is a Little That the Righteous Has”

It is unfortunate that in our days we don’t use freedom to do good and become holy; instead, we use freedom to become more secular. In the past, people would work all week and rest on Sunday, a holy day. Now, they rest on Saturday as well. But are their lives more spiritual? Or are they more sinful?

Byzantium and Us

Εxtract from an interview with Sir Steven Runciman The most slandered and misrepresented historical period of Romanity[1] The following interview with the great historian and Byzantologist Sir Steven Runciman can be characterized as the quintessence of his great work, which is globally renown and recognized. His statements are momentous and his words mature and wise in meaning, extractions of thorough … Read More

THE GREAT LENT (A Week by Week Meaning)

Rev. George Mastrantonis THE INSTITUTE OF LENT There are institutes and symbols adopted by nations, churches or groups of men which represent certain ideals accumulated in the past. These institutes, that is precepts recognized as authoritative, and symbols represent the thoughts and feelings of those who created or adopted them and put in them all the experience of the past, … Read More

Teaching subjects on the orthodox christian life

Teaching subjects on the orthodox christian life INTRODUCTION When God, The Holy Trinity, created us He gave us a purpose to live. This purpose is the “God’s likeness”, to become like Him, to be gods through His Divine grace and after our free will. The Church Fathers have written many things in order to help us to find our way … Read More