Elder Paisios the Athonite : “Better Is a Little That the Righteous Has”

It is unfortunate that in our days we don’t use freedom to do good and become holy; instead, we use freedom to become more secular. In the past, people would work all week and rest on Sunday, a holy day. Now, they rest on Saturday as well. But are their lives more spiritual? Or are they more sinful?

The Utopia of Idolaters

   Idolatry – Paganism The belated idolaters, the “dodekatheists” (12 gods) as they are known, who have appeared in our time, do not have the simplicity of the lay pagans nor the maturity of those who seriously studied our ancient religion. They are simply intellectual, or pseudo-intellectual, who become rapturous and cause others through vanity to act likewise. They relate … Read More

The Last interview with the Great Byzantologist Sir Steven Runciman

  THE LAST INTERVIEW WITH THE GREAT BYZANTOLOGIST SIR STEVEN RUNCIMAN FOR THE MAGAZINE “PEMPTOUSIA” (Issue 4, DEC. 2000 – MAR. 2001)  An interview conducted by the magazine PEMPTOUSIA with the great Byzantologist Sir Steven Runciman at the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi, on  14/7/2000, where he was hosted during his three-day stay on Mount Athos for the arrival of … Read More

Science and Religion

  St. Luke, Archbishop of Crimea, the Doctor “When we examine contemporary science as developed by scientists such as Lamark and Darwin, we see the antithesis and I would say the complete disagreement that exists between science and religion, on topics that concern the more basic problems of existence and knowledge. For this, an enlightened mind cannot accept at the … Read More