Was the Byzantine State a Theocracy?

  WAS THE BYZANTINE STATE A THEOCRACY?ANASTASIOS PHILIPPIDIS Greek Orthodox Tradition: Roots and Perspective In order to avoid the confusion caused to most writers by the term theocracy, we suggest four criteria with which the existence and degree of a theocracy can be measured within a state:     1) Identification of political and religious power in the same person2) Imposition … Read More

The destruction of ancient hellenic monuments by Christians

  THE MYTH REGARDING THE DESTRUCTION OF ANCIENT HELLENIC MONUMENTS BY CHRISTIANS By Protopresbyter fr. George Metallinosf. Dean of the Athens University School of Theology   Source: http://www.oodegr.com/english/paganismos/diogmoi/katastr_nawn_mythos1.htmTaken from the convention organized in Thessaloniki by the Society for Orthodox Studies, on the topic of “Phenomena of neo-idolatry” Among the high-sounding Neo-pagan arguments against Christianity is the one that claims a … Read More