by Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver We are living at a time in which the monastic life is not only considered abnormal, but is even ridiculed and condemned. Even they who profess to teach the word of God, especially within Protestant Christianity, cynically condemn the monastic life as useless, isolationist, abnormal, and not in conformity with the teachings of Christ. They … Read More

The Holy Prayer Rope (Video)

There is a short video in english about the history and the spiritual significance of the Holy Prayer Rope. Source: agiazoni.gr , «Trisagion Films». https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpYjK-b3bhQ

Five Reasons to Visit a Monastery

Five Reasons to Visit a Monastery By Matushka Constantina Palmer Introduction: Journeying by boat to visit their beloved spiritual father, Constantine Palamas – the father of St. Gregory – suddenly realized he and his family had forgotten to bring food with them for the monastery. While his wife and five children looked on, he raised his voice in prayer and … Read More

Eve of Epiphany Anthony Bloom (Metropolitan of Sourozh (1914- 2003))

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  In the name of our congregation here I wish to greet the members of the Christian Council of Kensington and of Westminster. Year after year, in brotherly love, in a search of a oneness deeper than all visible unity we meet here. And we meet here … Read More

The Righteous Nikephoros the Leper

The Righteous Nikephoros the Leper Fr. Nikephoros (in the world, Nicholas) was born in a village of Chania, in Serikari. His parents were simple and pious villagers, who while he was still a small child, died and left him an orphan. Thus, at the age of thirteen he left his home, traveled to Chania and began to work in a barbershop. … Read More

What is Divine Revelation?

    ORTHODOX CATECHISM TOPICS What is Divine Revelation? By Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos. According to the Orthodox faith, the Church is not founded on written texts but on the confession that Christ is God-Man (Theanthropos), namely that in the person of Christ, God was joined with man, “indivisibly, immovably, unmistakably, inseparably,” and man has come into actual communion with God, … Read More

Unction (Blessed Oil)

      ORTHODOX CATECHISM TOPICS Unction (Ευχελαιο=Efheleo=Blessed Oil) By Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos. Christ gave His disciples the authority “to heal every disease and every infirmity” (Matt 10:1). They would anoint the sick with oil and heal them (Mark 6:13).  This healing power remained, according to the will of the Lord, as a faculty of the Church: “Is any among … Read More

The Saints

    ORTHODOX CATECHISM TOPICS The Saints By: Fr. Anthony AlevizopoulosPhD. of Theology, PhD. of Philosophy  The Church’s catholicity, i.e. its universality, refers not only to all its faithful throughout the world, but also to the communion “with all the saints who throughout the ages were pleasing unto the Lord”. Orthodox Christians believe that which St. Paul declares: “Love never … Read More

The Sacred Icons and the Holy Cross

    ORTHODOX CATECHISM TOPICS The Sacred Icons and the Holy Cross By: Fr. Anthony AlevizopoulosPhD. of Theology, PhD. of Philosophy God is the unique Being, the absolute existence; nothing can be compared with Him and the honor which is due Him, i.e. worship and adoration, is rendered unto none other; neither to some non-existent god nor to some idol. … Read More

The Priesthood

    ORTHODOX CATECHISM TOPICS The Priesthood By: Fr. Anthony AlevizopoulosPhD. of Theology, PhD. of Philosophy http://www.egolpion.com/ Through Holy Baptism all are incorporated into the “royal” and “priestly” nation which is the people of God (Ex. i9,5-6. Is. 61,6. I Peter 2,5. Rev. 6,5). They are summoned to offer to God their bodies as “a living sacrifice, pleasing unto God”; … Read More