Constantine the Great and Historical Truth

  Protopresbyter fr. G. D. Metallinos, Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens School of Theology Source: Transcript of tape recorded topic: Constantine the Great and Historical Truth Fr. George Metallinos uncovers the conspiracy of the ancient pagans, which persists to this day through neo-Paganists and Protestants.  The reason that I chose this day for the presentation of my thesis is … Read More

Behind every test lurks the blessing of God

  Almost all attribute their conversion to some ordeal.         Sorrow is not nice. However, behind it, behind the pain, behind the sorrow, behind the test, lurks the blessing of God, the rebirth, the reforming of man, of family. Almost everyone attributes his/her conversion to some test. They believe everything goes well, then God takes their child, and then there … Read More

Atheism. The boast of our time.

  The ever memorable Photius Kontoglou.          Atheism! Great title and boast of the contemporary man. Whoever receives it (to receive it you only need to be tonsured a monk of the faithless) he appears to others as wise, even if he is illiterate, serious, even if he is ridiculous, official even if he is insignificant, important, even if … Read More

Prophesy of St. Nilus

                The people that will be living around the eighth century (7500 years since the creation), will acquiesce into corruption of the flesh, and will argue incessantly with no beginning and no end.           Then the eighth Synod will convene….and things will become peaceful for a while, but soon people’s minds will revert back to the … Read More

About the Antichrist

        Prior to the 2nd Coming of Christ to the world, according to the Holy Scripture and the Fathers of the Orthodox Church, the Antichrist will precede — a most impious man activated by Satan. Saint Cyri Ι of Jerusalem informs us that the Α nt ί christ “is coming… when the close ofthe world is approaching“, that … Read More