Saint Gregory the Theologian church is a pilgrimage site well-renowned around Greece.


Nea Karvali, a small town near Kavala, got its name from the Cappadocian village Karvali, where the prominent Father of the Church and Theologian Saint Gregory of Nazianzos, Archbishop of Constantinople, was always greatly revered.

The holy relic of Saint Gregory the Theologian was kept in his eponymous church in Karvali, Cappadocia, from AD 390 until 1924, when with the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, Greek refugees moved it to their new homeland, Nea Karvali, at a stone’s throw from Kavala.

Nowadays, in Nea Karvali stands the Saint’s pilgrimage church, which constitutes one of the most significant pilgrimage sites of Greece, since thousands of faithful come here to venerate the sacred relic of Saint Gregory, which is laid in a golden urn. The largest part of the Saint’s relics is kept here, along with relics of his holy family.


Saint Gregory lived in the 4th century AD and ascended the Archiepiscopal throne of Constantinople. He was an outstanding orator and theologian, fought back against the heretics, while he is also famous for his poetic work. He is one of the Three Holy Hierarchs.

On January 25, the feast day of Saint Gregory, after the festive Divine Liturgy, the holy relic is taken in procession around the central streets of the seaside town, with many faithful in attendance.

In the church erected by Cappadocian refugees in Saint Gregory’s honor, many sacraments are conducted for blessing of the faithful. Next to the church, there are guestrooms for the accommodation of pilgrims. Arriving to the place is easy, since the village lies on the highway from Kavala to Xanthi, 11 km east of Kavala.

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