The convent of Archangel Michael is the biggest and the most popular monastery of Thassos, constituting a significant pilgrimage.

It is built on the rim of a cliff, near Theologos village, and the view to the Aegean is really magnificent, giving the sense to the visitor that it suspends. In this place, hermit Luke, obeying a command of Archangel Michael, built a small church in 1110 AD, where a holy spring gushed out. According to the tradition, some irreverent Turks wanted to pollute the spring and then out of a miracle it dried up and the sacrilegious dropped dead. Afterwards it gushed out again, flowing until today in a cave near the sea.

After years, the Holy Nail put in the right hand of the Crucified Christ was miraculously moved in the church. It is the nail that Emperor Nikephoros III Botaneiates dedicated to Philotheou monastery, Mount Athos. Later on, in the place of the church, a monastery was founded as a metochion of Philotheou monastery. In 1974, nuns moved here from Pelion and worked hard to transform the monastery. The spiritual bond of the convent with Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Arizona is of great importance.


For Thasos and especially for the inhabitants of Theologos, Archangel Michael is their patron saint. The Archangel’s grace and the uniqueness and blessing of the Holy Nail is the reason for the arrival of many pilgrims. It celebrates on November 8 and on Bright Tuesday.

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