On the beautiful island of Aegina, in the Saronic gulf, less than an hour from Piraeus by boat, dominates the Holy Trinity monastery with the imposing church of Saint Nectarios. It is located near the village Kontos, opposite to the hill of Palaiochora (i.e. the medieval Aegina), just 6 km from the port.

At the same place, during the Byzantine Empire, there was another monastery, dedicated to the Life Giving Spring, where Saint Athanasia led an ascetic life. This was the abandoned monastery, which Saint Nektarios found and decided to rebuild in 1904. The monastery named after the Holy Trinity church that the Saint built there in 1908, when he resigned from Rizareios School and withdrew to asceticism. The newly established monastery was staffed by spiritual daughters of Saint Nectarios and Chrysanthe Strongylou, later called Nun Xeni, undertook the duties of the abbess.


Apart from his spiritual duties, the humble saint worked hard among the workers to construct the monastery compound. He did not disdain any work and he himself repaired the nuns’ shoes. He lived there for 12 consecutive years.

Saint Nectarios fell asleep in the Lord on November 8, 1920, but due to the big feast of the Archangels on that day, his remembrance was transferred to November 9. He was buried outside the church, under the shade of a pine tree which he had planted. His body remained incorruptible for many years. A little lower than the old monastery the biggest church of the Balkans has been built in dedication to his memory.

The grave and the relics of miraculous Saint Nectarios constitute an Orthodox site of pilgrimage and an attraction for millions of people yearly. There are many believers who put their ear on the grave and heard the Saint moving or hitting from inside with his stick. This manifestation of his living presence among us also happens in the Saint’s big church, where his hand is kept.


Near the church lies the well of the Saint, which gushes holy water all day, while one can also visit the saint’s house, which is maintained in good condition.

The monastery has hostels. It opens every day and celebrates on November 9, the feast day of saint Nectarios, when his skull is taken in procession through the roads of the island, as well as on September 3, when the memory of the translation of the saint’s relics is held.

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Holy Trinity Monastery, National Pilgrimage of Saint Nektarios, 18010, Aegina