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    agios nikolaos_vounena1

The church of Agios Nikolaos Neos, that is specifically honoured nowadays, is situated near the village Vounena, on the mountain where Saint Nikolaos Neos gave his life for Christ. It is almost half an hour away from Larisa on the boundaries between the prefectures of Larisa and Karditsa.

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In the church, there is the cenotaph of the Saint Martyr Agios Nikolaos Neos of Vounena as well as a piece of his relics. Saint Nikolaos celebrates on 9th May. That day, he is honoured with grandeur and a lot of people from all over Greece gather to his church.

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The church was structured in1962. Earlier, an older church had been built there that was structured in 1883 and was destroyed by fire in 1962. Before they go up the stairs to reach the church, the pilgrims can see a small temple that was the exact place where Saint Nikolaos gave his life.

This small church is next to the well and the tree where he was tortured. A miraculous incident takes place there at the annual celebration of Saint Nikolaos, as a purple kind of liquid that looks like blood starts to run. This liquid springs from the trunks of a few elm trees on which the other hermits were slaughtered. Finally, this liquid fills the root of the cut tree where Saint Nikolaos was tortured.

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Saint Nikolaos Neos was from Asia Minor. He was a military man and he held a very important position at Byzantine times during 9th century AC. He governed the region of Thessaly. He loved Christ very much and that’s the reason why he withdrew from the world and became a hermit together with other men on the mountain of Vounena. He tried to become as virtuous as possible. When the Avars invaded the place where he was, he refused to change his faith and he gave his life for Christ there after being tortured hard.

Saint Nikolaos is honoured in all over Greece on 9th May. He is especially honoured in the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos of Andros where his holy head is situated. He is also honoured in the Monastery o Agios Nikolaos Neos of Viotia that has the same name with the pilgrimage of Vounena, as well as at Thiva, at Argolida and at other places.   

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In the pilgrimage there are guesthouses for the visitors.

To contact the pilgrimage you can call father Timotheos (+30 6972-995.601).
Pilgrims should come in contact with the Cathedral because the Holy Liturgy takes place at the pilgrimage only during summer months (after May).

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The region is easily accessible as, in the middle of the route between Larisa and Karditsa, the visitor meets the village Vounena. From there, he can follow the signs until he meets the pilgrimage that is only five minutes away from the village.