meteora moni agias triados


meteora moni agias triados

On a peculiar-shaped towering cliff, in an area which consists of 0.5-0.6 hectares, located northwest of St. Stephen’s Monastery, the monastery of the Holy Trinity is built. It is the most inaccessible of all the monasteries in Meteora.

The climb to the monastery was formerly facilitated with ladders and the net. Today, it is accessible by walking a difficult trail and climbing 140 steps carved into the stone in 1925, which lead us safely to the top of the rock. In 1970 an aerial conveyor system was constructed for the needs and maintenance of the monastery.

The visitor can stair from above the breathtaking view of the valley of the Peneus, rivers of Kalambaka and the Coziakas and Chasia mountains.

The Holy Trinity monastery is considered by experts as the third oldest monastery in Meteora. The first hermits should have built here their hermitages in the early 14th century. The monastery is said to have been built in 1438 AD by a monk named Dometius but this information was never confirmed. It took 70 years to build the monastery and upload the materials.

From inscriptions and other evidence and also in accordance with the date engraved and immured on the southern outer wall, the main church (aka the Catholicon) is known to have been built in 1475-76 AD . The monastery has two churches, the Catholicon and the small church of Saint John the Baptist.

In 1909, the byzantinist N. Veis found 47 rare manuscripts in a crypt, which together with manuscripts from Rousanou and Anapafsas monasteries are kept in the sacristy of Saint Stephen’s monastery since 1953.

Unfortunately the rich treasury of the monastery has been looted and the library was burned in the years of the occupation of Greece by the Axis Powers. From 1942 until 1961 the monastery was deserted and as a result many of the relics, pictures and manuscripts were lost. In 1972 it was renovated.

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